Tips on First Things to Do When You Move to Boynton Beach


Whether to a new place in a familiar town or to a new situation completely, moving is stressful. Here are a few tips to alleviate some of that stress and help you settle in quickly to the Boynton Beach area.

Identify the items you need to get through the first few days after moving. Pack a suitcase with enough clothes and toiletries for 3 or 4 days, since many items will still be packed and hard to get. Include any critical medications, as if you are packing for a vacation or business trip. Clearly label boxes and bags of bedding and towels, which makes them easy to find once your bed is set up.

Remember that everything doesn't need to be done and in place the first day. Instead of moving each stick of furniture and every box in all at once, consider placing most in a storage unit (try StorageMart who has many Miami area locations), unless needed immediately. Try to unpack by room to avoid overwhelming the space with boxes and yourself. It's daunting to walk into your new home and be confronted with a wall of boxes that need unpacking. It's easier to break the tasks up and gradually let things find their new spots. The storage facility can also be used after you're completely unpacked to house seasonal items and any other items that you don't have space for in the new place.

In the first few days, familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and the location of a bank, grocery store, urgent care center, and hospital. Contact the utility providers, and also set date for internet and cable installation, if you need it.

As you settle in to the neighborhood, keep exploring and expanding your knowledge of the area. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, who may have more knowledge and advice for living in Boynton Beach. If you moved from a different region of the country, don't expect to find the old familiar store names. The Chamber of Commerce web site for Boynton Beach is an excellent resource for finding the businesses and services you need, as well as hospitals, churches, and parks.

After successfully navigating the first week or so in your new place, take a break and plan a small adventure. Get away from unpacking for a day and visit a destination nearby, such as Miami. You'll return to your new home in Boynton Beach relaxed and energized.



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